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Our Services

Better health begins at Buxmont! We focus on Holistic Wellness, meaning we're not just treating problems as they arise, but emphasizing preventative care to minimize the risk of disease ever occurring. If and when disease or discomfort appears, we will integrate both conventional and alternative therapies to provide a complete approach to health by treating the entire animal (including making suggestions to address any emotional or environmental triggers).

We will always recommend what we feel is best and are passionate about client education. You have the right to decline services for any reason as long as you understand why we're recommending something and the potential benefits vs cost/consequence of not following a recommendation. For example, some diseases are best treated conventionally first and then managed with alternative therapies once the animal is stable. Some medications can have fatal consequences if bloodwork is not routinely monitored to ensure appropriate dosing.

If you're only interested in basic veterinary services like vaccines, microchipping, heartworm/parasite screening, and surgery, no worries. We do all that too!


Buxmont Veterinary Hospital only treats cats and dogs at this time.
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