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Our hospital is fully stocked to provide in-patient treatments such as fluid administration, anti-nausea injections, antibiotics, anti-itch shots, pain medications, and others, as well as medications to-go-home. We also keep many chronic medications, preventatives, and supplements in stock. If your pet needs a specific medication we don't have readily available, we can have the medication ordered or provide a written script. We honor online pharmacy requests but STRONGLY ENCOURAGE clients to research the company they are ordering from. Not all online pharmacies are created equal, and it is unfortunately common for clients to receive counterfeit, expired, or improperly-stored medications.

A note on pricing:
Unless you're living in a bubble, you've noticed how the price of nearly everything has skyrocketed. Buxmont Veterinary Hospital wants to keep costs as low for clients as possible, but the reality is that we have to adjust our pricing based on what the distributors charge us for medications and supplies. We are a small private practice and simply cannot get medications for the same price that larger hospitals or wholesalers (like those big online pharmacies) can get them for. We respect everyone's financial situation.

When you purchase from us, you are directly supporting our hospital and staff. However, some medications may be cheaper elsewhere. We are happy to provide written scripts on request and have partnered with Chewy to help keep costs down for clients. If you already have a Chewy account and would like to receive medications from them, let us know and we can submit the request directly. If you don't already have a Chewy account, we can help set this up for you.
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