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Diagnostic Services
Believe it or not, the physical exam is one of the most important diagnostic tools available. Although telemedicine is becoming more popular, at least on the human side, there is no greater asset in trying to diagnose what's wrong with your furry family member than having the doctor be able to touch, examine, and observe with their own eyes. This is why we will ALWAYS recommend a physical exam as the first step in treating any animal that's not feeling well or showing signs of illness or discomfort, even if they've been seen recently.

A physical exam establishes a baseline for what is normal and abnormal for your pet, but don't forget that the history YOU provide is equally important. From here we can come up with a treatment plan or recommend additional diagnostics to help narrow down what might be wrong and how to best go about correcting it.

Buxmont Veterinary Hospital is equipped with brand new in-house laboratory equipment, microscopy, digital radiography (x-rays), and partners with Idexx's reference laboratory for tests that need to be sent out. In the near future, we also hope to add a mobile ultrasound and cardiology service that will be available by appointment.


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