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End of Life Services
Saying goodbye is never easy. In veterinary medicine, we have the option to provide our pets with a peaceful passing when the Quality of Life is no longer ideal. When faced with serious illness, disease, or old age, some animals will pass on their own. For most, however, we need to make the decision for them.

Buxmont Veterinary Hospital is here to help and support you every step of the way. We can offer objective Quality of Life assessments, supportive treatments, euthanasia services, and after-care options.
If you believe it may be time, please give us a call.
What to expect:
When the decision to euthanize has been finalized, you will need to decide on after-care options. In general, some people opt to take their pet's body home after the procedure. Most will choose either group/simple cremation, where their pet's ashes will be interred into the memorial park associated with our crematory services, or private cremation, where you will receive your individual pet's ashes back within 2 weeks.

The staff will talk you through options and the procedure itself in advance. Know that we strive to provide the most peaceful passing possible and always administer 
sedation and pain medications. In some instances, an IV catheter will be placed in advance so medications can be administered directly into the vein. In other instances, your pet will be given an intramuscular injection and the doctor will use a butterfly needle once your pet's relaxed.

You are welcome and encouraged to stay for the entire procedur
e. If this is not something you're comfortable with, we strongly encourage you to stay with your pet at least until they are fully sedated, but we respect everyone's wishes and comfort level.

Only after your pet's fully sedated and unconscious will the actual euthanasia solution be given. This is essentially an overdose of potassium that quickly stops the heart and induces death. Once your pet's heart has stopped, he or she is no longer in that body, but the body needs to shut down. This may involve the rel
ease of any fluids or bowels, and sometimes a twitch or gasp may be observed. Please do not worry that your pet is "waking up" as these things only happen after death has occurred and do not happen in every instance of euthanasia. You should also know that most animals won't close their eyes.

There is never any rush with this procedure
. Although the injection induces death within seconds to minutes, you will always be given as much time as you need before, during, and after.

Buxmont Veterinary Hospital does NOT offer in-home euthanasia services at this time but can make recommendations if you feel your pet would be more relaxed passing in the comfort of home.
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